Protagonist to Antagonist: Shari Sakurai talks about her latest release, Adam!

Adam CoverAdam is my latest release and is a companion novel to my Perfect World series. I decided to write Adam as I felt that in order to tell Adam Larimore’s story properly he needed his own novel.”

Adam is set in London in 2112 and begins by introducing readers to the life of the troubled-teen and heir to Larimore Systems – a multi-billion pound company owned by Adam’s father Victor Larimore. Victor Larimore is a self-made business man and his focus is primarily on his company and fortune. Victor paid to have a son genetically engineered as he was entering later life and had never married and fathered an heir. However, Victor subsequently marries socialite Eleanor Nichols and welcomes her and her son, Joseph, into the family. Whilst Joseph lacks in the intellect and drive needed to take over the running on the highly successful company, his straight-laced persona makes him more favourable in Victor’s eyes than his wild and difficult biological son.”

“As a result of his father’s neglect, and often cruelty, Adam acts out and frequently finds himself under arrest for his behaviour. Rather than try to reach out to his son, Victor simply reacts in anger and further widens the gap between them.”

“Fundamentally Adam explores the ethics of genetic modification and how an individual would react upon learning that they were essentially created to specification and for a specific purpose. Joseph often sneers at Adam’s background and calls him a ‘freak’ and comments that Adam is his father’s failed science project, despite the fact that Joseph himself – like all babies in post-tsunami and war England – is also genetically engineered. The difference for Adam is that he was not created by two parents who loved each other and wanted a son; he was designed as a perfect heir for his father’s company. Victor Larimore sees him as another of his investments and treats Adam accordingly. Whilst at first Adam’s segregation from everyone else appears somewhat self-inflicted, as the novel progresses it becomes apparent that most of the upper-class treat him with disdain and see him as Adam often sees himself; a failure and disappointment.”

“Above all, all Adam really wants is his father’s love and for Victor to be proud of him, but this desire is embittered by his father’s constant rejection. This rejection, by Victor and others, is constantly reinforced throughout the novel and, disheartened and full of anger, Adam makes a decision that will not only have serious consequences for him, but many others in the Perfect World series as a whole.”

Adam tells the story of Adam Larimore’s journey from protagonist to antagonist. Adam is not a traditional villain but rather an individual whose circumstances, combined with the betrayals of those closest to him, set him on this path. There is a moment in the novel where had Adam been allowed to reach out then his fate might have been a lot different.”

Adam is available now from Amazon US/UK.