Events Timeline:

Friday 13th August 2049 – The Great Tsunamis
A series of underwater earthquakes cause giant tsunamis to form. The tsunamis cause global mass devastation and loss of life.

Monday 15th August 2050 – The London Security Agency is formed
The Government forms the London Security Agency (L.S.A) to protect London’s interests and defend it, and England, against national and international threats.

Monday 1st January 2052 – The War Begins
The remaining countries break out in world war fighting for what resources remain.

Friday 16th October 2054 – England isolates itself from the rest of the world
England invests in building defence shields to protect the remaining major cities. There is a mass evacuation to these cities. The defences, using the latest laser technology, are impenetrable and thus England becomes an isolated state whilst America, Asia and Europe remain at war.

Thursday 21st October 2055 – The War Ends
Resources are running low and unable to continue the surviving countries end the war. America follows England and becomes isolated. Europe and Asia are left devastated and become the Neo Third World.

2055-2061 – Recovery
England is recovering from war and is rebuilding its cities. The evacuated people remain in the cities as they prefer to live within the safety of the defence shields.

2062-to date – The age of technology and genetic engineering
To boost the severely depleted population the Government invests all of its money in science and technology. Technology that was available pre-disaster and war is developed further and new advances are made. In 2063 genetic selection for couples wishing to have a child becomes mandatory. In later years affluent families are invited to specify every characteristic of their baby for an agreed price whilst free selections such as eye and hair colour are made available to the general population.

Friday 20th February 2071 – Victor Larimore establishes Larimore Systems
Computer genius Victor Larimore establishes Larimore Systems. Larimore Systems is to revolutionise computer technology and supplies computer and weapons technology to the London Security Agency (L.S.A) in later years.

Monday 24th April 2090 – Eric Rawlins is born
Genetically engineered ‘superhero’ Eric Rawlins is born.

Saturday 7th March 2093 – Adam Larimore is born
Adam Larimore, heir to Larimore Systems, is born.

Saturday 23rd April 2106 – Eric Rawlins completes L.S.A training
Eric completes his agent training with the L.S.A.

Saturday 18th June 2112 – Victor Larimore dies
Victor Larimore dies of a heart attack at the Larimore family home.

Monday 4th July 2112 – Joseph Nichols and Eleanor Larimore are murdered
Adam Larimore murders his stepbrother and stepmother before fleeing the city.

Monday 7th January 2115 – Adam Larimore takes over North London
Using advanced computer software Adam Larimore hacks into the defence shields north of the river and takes over the entire northern half of the city.

All the characters depicted on this website are entirely fictional and any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
Website content © 2018 Shari Sakurai. All rights reserved.

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